Trauma Care International Foundation Wins Merit Award for Safety

Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) is a non-governmental organisation focused on enhancing the state of trauma care and emergency response services filed in Nigeria. TCIF is in a position to help communities become better equipped to respond to crises, families, and more individuals. They have also helped expand the skill and knowledge base of first responders on the list of government emergency response and traffic management services.

In recognition of her function, in demo remarkable commitment to Safety and Occupational Health TCIF received the SAFE Merit Award for 2016. There were with this caliber award type that have been chosen from various security organizations. These nominations of prospective awardees were received in the general public, reputable safety bodies and stakeholders, like the Lagos Safety Commission, along with the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria. Verification because of this award was carried out based on pre determined standards and scoring systems; Trauma Care International Foundation and 10 organisations were presented winners of the prestigious merit award.


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