Core Beliefs Cause Disharmony


There is no challenge to the notion that all of us need to believe in something, a divinity, spirits; the sun will rise, or ourselves. Unfortunately, those beliefs can and do cause problems, cause disabling of individuals as well as national governments, religions, family relationships, friends and business relationships. All of these areas can be permanently devastated.

A belief is something that is accepted as true; it doesn’t have to necessarily be true. It just has to be perceived to be true by an individual. The moon is made of green cheese in today’s modern scientific world certainly is not true but if someone believes it is, then for him it is true. A belief, if true, must be verifiable: It must hold true over time.

We get these core beliefs from our family, teachers, friends, and experience. Oft times, these beliefs are subtle, arrive unannounced, and remain hidden.

One’s core beliefs are the essence of how one sees himself; how he sees other people, and how he sees the world. With the slightest stretch we can see how religious beliefs are divisive with one’s religion, religious sect or denomination claiming superiority over other such groups. Those core religious beliefs cause wars. Core beliefs create discrimination against people of color, sexual orientation, age, and those of differing economic situations.

The task is to locate these core beliefs and to put them to the test of verification. Look at your beliefs from a different perspective. Step outside of yourself and simply ask, “Is this verifiably true?”

It is necessary to be cautious here because one’s thought may appear to be true, but just behind it may be a false belief. Check what you say. Imbedded in your words may be hidden false beliefs. Examine this statement: This rainy weather really sucks. What is being said here is that your emotions are determined by things outside of you. In this case the rainy weather. Okay, so it’s raining and it’s ticking you off. The weather is not the issue. Check your expectations, judgments and beliefs about rainy weather. Isn’t it just a trigger that sets off a belief system you have-rainy weather causes gloominess. However not all people feel rainy weather is gloomy. Some view it as a chance to get cozy, sip hot chocolate, and read a good book or watch a movie on television. As a consequence, your sentiment about rainy weather is not a universal truth. It cannot be verified globally.

The next time you have a belief issue, check its base. If it cannot be verified maybe-just maybe-it’s time to make a change.

Dr. Wilson is the author of a dozen books including fiction and nonfiction. He is the author of over 400 articles published at various venues on the Internet. His subjects range from education, energy healing, to shamanism. Dr. Wilson is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, and a Reiki Master Third Level.


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